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What Our Customers Say

Postcode Shipping stands out for its ability to manage complex shipping setups, including unique models like offshore and multi-ZIP code shipping. It's praised for its intuitive features and seamless integration, which boost conversion rates. The app is recognized for its postcode-based shipping restrictions and rates, a feature not available in Shopify's default shipping.


We were trying to find a shipping app where we could set up multiple shipping rules for different product sizes and rates. Our requirements were somewhat extremely customized. The support team was extremely helpful and gave the result I was looking for, in a fast and effective way. Highly recommended.

Stay In Bed

Easy to use, we have been able to exlude, include and set different rates for different postcodes without issues. I see it has a lot more functionality. The support has been the most impressive, I wish other companies had the quality of support these guys do.

Massive Discounts

Postcode Shipping has been a game-changer for my online business! Their seamless integration allows me to easily set up shipping restrictions based on postcode, ensuring smooth deliveries every time. Highly recommended!

Avoid Loses Due to Surprised Shipping Costs

Postcode Shipping empowers Shopify merchants with control over their shipping logistics, ensuring accurate, transparent, and fair shipping rates for every order.

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Setup your Shipping Settings

Create your Shipping Zones in the Postcode Shipping App, and setup your Shopify shipping settings to receives the rates you create in Postcode Shipping App.

Enable Postcode Shipping

With your Shopify Shipping Zones setup, you need to enable Postcode Shipping as the rates provider.

Master Your Shipping Costs

Calculate accurate and transparent shipping rates based on various parameters including cart content, product weight, location, distance and postal/zip code.

Location Parameters

Create custom Shipping Rates by Location

  • Set up Shipping Rates for Countries, Regions, Neighbourhoods
  • Calculate Shipping rates based on Post/Zip Codes
  • Organize Shipping Zones down to the Zip Code
Calculate Your Shipping Rates

Product Parameters

Determine shipping costs based on multiple product parameters

  • Calculate Shipping Rates based on Product Weight, Cart content, Dimensions & more
  • Set base charge or minimum rate charge per your needs
  • Generate Unique Shipping Rates for Product Groups
Optimize Shipping Rates

Different Shipping Rules

Find the optimal shipping strategy and take control of your shipping rates

  • Enable Global Rate Modifier to make a change across all your shipping rates
  • Use Shipping Rule Sandbox to easily Test Delivery Rates across your zones
  • Control how Shipping Rates are Displayed at the Checkout
Take Control of Your Rates


Calculate shipping rate rules & delivery zones for your Shopify Store
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sandbox mode


Ideal for merchants that are just starting their shipping journey.

  • Create, configurate and test shipping zones and rules
  • Email support to get your started
  • Upgrade when your shipping rates go live
  • Live shipping rates
live rates



Ideal for merchants that want to take control over their shipping rates

  • Live shipping rates based on your shipping zones & rules
  • Test your rates in the Sandbox any time
  • Dependable Tier 1 support along every step